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To Make the Peaceful World

To Make the Peaceful World

“ Human’s life do believe to be cared and loved.

Human’s life is a part of nature. Life is a nature’s life that lies in every human’s soul.

Honours to human’s life that caused bay love that borned and gave by love itself.

Life have a nature that destinied to protect itself sustainly. Life is a great gift, so that must be took and defended.

Family is a right place to thankful to the gifted life, also as a place to defend life in the front of all threats that will take and kill the life.

From family does, human being can build – for the time – the culture of life and to protect and to defend it from the culture of death that always threats.

A man who love his life, will given by fertility, not only reproductive (sexuality) fertility, but also kindness, positive thinking, best serving, strong character, nice personality, and above all that is unlimited love to all of human kind and natural life. That will bring him to wealthness, happiness and peace.

Fertility not stand up by itself only, but fertility will exist if we love and protect the sustain of life.

Fertility is life itself, so that will be die and dry by itself, if we not improve it with love to the weak, and powerless ones, including children and the poors.

Fertility must be enlarged by hard work.

Life can hold fertility by itself. That’s the mystery of life. Brave to live in it’s mystery, it means believe to the power of life.” *** Taken from Javanese culture, local Indonesians values, by Sindhunata, in “Wayang Brayut” Exhibition, at Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I am one of the world’s young people who live in Indonesia. I follow what actual happen in the world that seems become woster and worster everyday. And I am very care to human’s suffer especially in my country, and commonly in the whole world.

Our world grows very dynamically. All of energies, works, efforts, thinking, sciences and technologies are dedicating to human’s wealth, both physique and also spiritually.

But the world’s life, justice and peace are threaten by primordialism, fanaticism, racism, radicalism, and anti-dialogue attitude. Also threaten by attitude, way of thinking and act, and mind set that not give space and chance to humanity, toleration, respect, honor, and love. Those happen caused by sharp differences of interpretation that truly can be dialogued by all side of factions whom conflicting. Those steps actually can build understanding each other. Those conflicts took much victims, not only human’s life, but also materials, civilized systems, one’s or society’s future, vacations, chances and hopes.

Huge natural disaster can take much of victims and lost too. Both caused by pure earth activities, like earth quake, tsunami, volcanic blast, and storm, and also human activities that exploited nature too much, so that very harmful to the natural system. But sustainable human conflict in every ways caused damages, victims and lost that can be sustainable too. And human’s conflict can take bigger amount and longer time of lost.

Cultural and system differences in the world in every ways, shouldn’t be sharpened. Also cannot be a justification of some attack actions by one to another, and force the power and wanting too, even those culture or system do wrong and threatened human’s life.

A lot of people in the world, both collectively and also individually take apart as damaging tools that save damaged systems. They think and believe that every changes, creativities, inventions, initiatives, and reformations to the better condition and future as harmful threats. A lot of men also born without concept and destination of life. They live in unstable and immature systems and mindset collectively.

This world lived by nations that feel enough, satisfied and stopped in the process that truly not finished yet. Because, back again, the world and human life are very dynamic, including in order creating, build and implement the fair and civilized system. The problem of one nation fundamentally is an miniature of the world’s problems. Can fix and solve problems in one nation – until individual level, it means have the ability to fix and solve problems of human kind in the whole world.

The oriental life principles say that the true friendship and brotherhood of international in the world is similar with friendship and brotherhood that built between two men. True friendship an brotherhood do not give instant joys and satisfactions, but give challenge to try, give the true way of thinking, the true destination of life, give positive and introspective value of life. Those must take hard work to realize. True friend can show us our power, wrongness and weakness based on truth. So give us challenge, spirit and chance to fix our wrongness and weakness, to spare and solve problems by ourselves. Based on that, our strong and potential ability can be sharpened. The true friendship not use and exploit each other, to one side satisfaction only and become lost in other side. Those do paradigms must be changed in international relationship.

One side of this world dominated almost every human life’s aspects and needs. This side commonly in wealth and well civilized condition, but cannot be laid that this side has practiced new style of imperialism. Beside dominate in economy, culture and military power aspects, this side also dominate in information aspect that can dominate common thinking and interpretation. The methods of information spreading that unfair and immoral one give huge impact to the world’s political, cultural, and mindset constellation.

The information of one side that dominates the world’s information spreading is become popular, so that become such as a mono-justifying to what happening in the world by now. This world seems using wild-jungle logical thinking : the fastest, the strongest. And the biggest one will win, and will dominate others. The unpopular information that spread by other sides of this world will be wronged, as not tell the truth, although have tell the truth and objectively. So, the high value of democracy become a justifying tools to stress, to eject, to eliminate, and to kill the other side that not have similar way with the dominating side one. The dominating side cannot guarantee the truth of themselves. Truly, democracy also gives fair and dignified way to save and raise the truth.

There do exist the local culture value that give negative affect for human high value development, so it must dismissed from everyday life practice fairly, justify, and elegantly. Outside’s values that have similar way and principle with mindset, spirit and culture of one nation’s society can be implemented, but first must be adapted with local culture. Outside’s values that forced and then can dismissed local values just like that, will bring someone or group of society to an anominity, dehumanization, deoriginalization, disorientation, inferiority complex, and psychologically unstable and immature. Have no positive self-pride that based on true realization of self-dignity and identity.

But forcing mono-interpretation of democracy that can be wrong, by one to others, will affect the sustainable conflicts that happen by now. It will cheat the high value of democracy itself. And it seems will save the anarchy, riot, damage, and finally endangered human’s universal peace. Truth is from, by and for truth itself. Not determined under decision, speculation, prediction, like or dislike, and mono-interpretation by one side.

A lot of people do not have strong self-principles based on self realization say that everybody have right to reach and organize their self-development of dignity, similar like everybody else do the same too. Have believed mindset says that wherever live now, whenever live especially in this moment, whatever plan, however the process run by now, are the best positive-true-original individual life form of oneself in this world.

Therefore, no inferiority and arrogance, sense of the truest or wrong’s one, no ambition to force willing and wanting of ourselves to others, because always base on huge respect to other’s life and rights. Including self acceptance, which are acceptance to our family, friendship, social life, privacy, career, nation, ethnic, life zone, culture, and way of life, mindset and behavior. These are uniquely and the best someone gets and receives of life. So then to be organized, improved, developed, also with absorb the science, reach the skills, find the true ones based on universal truth from other resources also.

Don’t have these attitudes will bring someone become utopist oriented just like promised by inadaptable, and uninterpretable of outside’s values. Outside’s values that clearly not stand up on real local’s condition and history. Outside values that dominating their selfish truth, so that bring to justification that the majority and strongest ones have right to determinate and give other’s life rights limited. A lot of people will manipulate and engineered as the satisfiers, blind loyal, cheater, irresponsibility one, and insensibility one. So it will be dried land for positive creativity, inventions, goodwill, partnership, and matured growth. So at last, again, there will be no development and improvement.

Positive actions, role models, honors, dignity, brevity, kindness, responsibility, honesty, hard work, and love, that based on truth and strong human’s high dignity values, will move a lot of people to do their best they could, so it will bring peace, better life and future.

Democracy is universal values that very open and flexible. But the programs to practice and implement the democracy must be adaptable with local values and wisdoms contextually and suitably. Huge numbers of local values and wisdoms also relevant with truth and high value of whole human’s life.

Threats and cases that already happened and are happening in every nations by now can be precedent for the world peace reconciliation, economic development, human resource development and character building, also interfaith and interethnic-group toleration. A lot of nations have a long way of history of the past that directly impact to the thinking pattern, culture, act, attitude, way of life, planning pattern and individual character of the locals.

So, we can make some evaluations of what we have done, and also hope to make better world’s future. Let us altogether build the health, wealth, maturity, and peace in this world.

Sahabatmu adalah kebutuhan jiwamu yang terpenuhi. Dia lah ladang hatimu, yang dengan kasih kautaburi dan kau pungut buahnya penuh rasa terimakasih. Kau menghampirinya dikala hati gersang kelaparan, dan mencarinya dikala jiwa membutuhkan kedamaian. Janganlah ada tujuan lain dari persahabatan kecuali saling memperkaya jiwa. (Kahlil Gibran)

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