Kamis, 26 Juni 2008

To Make Our Earth Greener and to Create New Fresh Water Resources

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It is very suffering to see local residents of Jakarta must defended against flood that happens every year., especially in rainy weather. If flood come, condition in Jakarta was similar like huge pool, full with dirty water. This situation is as the result of wrong thinking pattern to manage problems, wrong perspective to see context of the problems, and accumulation of unfinished problems.

It is the time for Jakarta and surrounding area, and commonly in all Indonesia wide, have foresting movement again, not only to plant. The highest goal is to make new natural fresh water resources, and to avoid flood disaster. We have to change the old paradigms that pull us to exploit natural resources too much. The old paradigms that make us forget to plant, to grow, to reserve our natural resources again. Or even to create new resources. Although water as the ordinary natural resources, now has been an expensive and rare thing in almost every big city, and in area that have not rain enough or in hot summer season. In short word, we have forgot to invest our natural resources’ future.

Forest and water are two things that have very close correlation, and never been did. Even until death do men kind apart from this earth. If there are no forests on earth surface, the rainwater has no long time to come back again to the sea. And on the way to the sea, those accumulated rainwater become a huge bulky mass of water, which have huge energy to break everything on its way. So this situation becomes a disaster.

But if there are still have existed forest on earth surface, rainwater will have a long time to reach the sea again. Because the trees in the forest arrest the rainwater in their roots, and release it little by little. In hot summer season, the water deficits in the forests will released continuously and stably, and give guarantees to the nature’s life sustain.

So, it is the matter of us. Up to us, the men kind on this fragile earth. Want to take apart to reserve natural resources, so we can sustain our life. Or, even to exploit natural resources too much, then will harm our life next.

Kegagalan dapat dibagi menjadi dua sebab. Yakni, orang yang berpikir tapi tidak pernah bertindak, dan orang yang bertindak tapi tidak pernah berpikir.
(W.A. Nance)

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