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Energy Recycle and The Global Warming

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Mount Singgalang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. picture by Rob Woodal @ flicker

Our earth, where we live is a place that have super modern energy recycle process, to support the variety lives in it. Because those energy elements are very affected to form and to create life materials. Next, energy recycle processes in biological chains, or we can say that as food chains.
Life mover is energy. And energy that dominates all life forms and patterns in this earth is sunshine and sun’s heat. Especially, all life forms and patterns that connected with atmospheres. But the earth, truly has its own energy, but kept in its center as lavas. These lavas ejected sporadically and unpredictable in a geological process, as volcanic blast or as earth quake. These released energies by human kind known as natural disaster, because these are very harmful for their life. But in some places that have high volcanic activities, the volcanic energies can controlled by human and transformed as electric energy.
The main source of life on earth is the sun. There are creatures on earth that have developed and improved ability to “cook” materials and minerals from soils, air and waters of the earth and process those to become organic materials and oxygens that give life. Those creatures are plants, from one cell to the more than 50 meters height trees. Organic nutritions and oxygen which produced by plants are two things that needed by other creatures, includes human being to live.
We back again to solar energy as earth life’s main supporter. The solar energy organically used by the plants to transform the materials from soils, carbondioxide from the air, and water become organic nutritions and oxygen. Organic nutritions and oxygen are two things that needed by other creatures, includes human being to live.
Then, died organism and creatures, divided in some biological, physical and chemistrical process, even in very long time until millons years. At last those process produce fosil energy sources like oil, gas and coal. Truly, those fosil energy sources are differensial product of sun energy. These processes are similar with physical law that says energy cannot destroyed and created, but the form can change.
Paralel with increasing of human quantity, and increasing of activities diversity of human, so the huge energy sources are needed. But with huge scale of focil energy mining and consumption, caused the dangerous condition for our planet. Our planet become hotter and hotter everyday caused by the glasshouse affect of pollutants of human's activities.

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