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Rearrange Environment in Aceh and Nias after the Earthquake and Tsunami

Rearrange Environment in Aceh and Nias after the Earthquake and Tsunami :

Liberate Indonesian People with Liberate Their Environment

The impact of earthquake and tsunami on December 26, 2004 was really extraordinary. The 8.9 Richter scale earthquake that epicenter on Aceh west coast was really shake the earth, and also made high water as high as coconut tree until 5 kilometer to land. Earthquake destroyed many building until to the mountains and tsunami made it worse with destroyed anything on the way that tsunami pass. The death victim in two provinces in Indonesia is 200 thousand people. That amount is including go west. More than half million people are injured and lose their house. That’s not included the victim and property loss from 8 Asian countries that close to epicenter. At least, three African countries feel the earthquake and tsunami impact. This disaster will be the icon of nature power in early this millennium.

It’s been three years since the disaster pass. But we still remember it. In two years, many efforts are done to help the victim and bury thousand corpses. Repair the road and get up from that disaster. That effort is for recovered social condition in Nanggroe Aceh Darrusalam and North Sumatra. That effort done step by step until to the main purpose, that is government recovery, a recovery in social system and culture, good economic life and nature recovery.

Environmental approach aimed to re-organize social life in every individual society, reinforced ability, and cooperation between human and nature. Environmental approach covers the planning and lay out re-planning that consider many land has lost in tsunami. Then clean and recover land that hasn’t destroyed so the land can be used for establishing house. And after that, elect and open new land for build house and safe farming, for replacing the land that lost in tsunami. This integrated with a new transportation infrastructure. And finally, establish lay out that including land protection from tsunami, for example, mangrove reforestation. That all done and integrated with the knowledge and ability from the society in taking care the nature, because human live in nature and becoming part of nature. Increasing education for getting job is also important. And with the disaster we can start a better life.

Release the scared and worried to the nature. Unite the society to make a great move to prevent the disaster, especially in lay out that needs synergy with the nature. Not only response to earthquake and tsunami but also to social activity that can damage environment.

Planning the land far from the coast or in a place that have a natural protection, for example, mangrove forest or tropical forest in 5 km from beach. Especially in Aceh and north Sumatra west coast, the islands in Sumatra west coast like Weh island, Simeuleu island, Batu islands, Nias islands and Banyak islands. Meanwhile, not far from the coast are concentrated for farm land and plantation that synergy with wild life tropical forest for protection of water.

And also keep sea life, especially for reef that protect the coast because its obstruct wave. And stabilize food and home for sea life. And from that the fishery source can be protect. Eventhough the impact of disaster is not great as war; it didn’t mean that human fight against nature. On the contrary, we still have to respect our nature like we respect our own mother, because we live in earth. We should change our perspective that human is not for overcome and take over the nature because nature can do anything to human even bigger. Nature and human is a partner in this earth. Human lives from nature. So our linier perspective and behavior has to be changed into holistic and round.

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